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COG - Your Enterprise Assistant

Cog - Is a virtual assistant for all your enterprise application needs on a conversational platform (ChatBOT). The assistant is primarily designed to perform the following functions.

  • Make Enterprise Information available at your fingertips

  • Application Process Automation

  • Learn, adapt and provide insights

Cog is designed and pre-configured to interact and automate processes across multiple enterprise systems including Help Desk, PLM, ERP, Data-warehouse ...etc. It is architected to enable integration to any new application with very less effort. It provides a seamless interface to the end users, support team and admins.

Combined with the flexibility of device independence, access anywhere, available anytime precepts, Cog is designed to add value to your organization from day one.

Automated Revision Change Analysis Tool

Change is an integral part of an Engineering organization. Engineering parts change and evolve over time and some of them goes through numerous revisions. Even though change is an integral part, conveying what changed to down stream users and applications has never been seamless. Either engineers have to document the changes manually with or without visuals or downstrean users have to open huge drawings to understand the change. The ARCA Tool is designed to alleviate most of the pain in this process. The primary features of the tool are...

  • Automates drawing change documentation

  • Auto captures images of the was and is state without clutter

  • Provides crystal clear reports

  • Enumerates change in a reliable and predictable fashion

Taking it a step further, by analyzing the design changes we can get a handle on the why, what, how and 'will it' questions. ARCA Tool is designed to do exactly that, very well.


CAD Migration - NX & CATIA

We have built tools and processes to not only migrate CAD data but also to do an end to end comparison and provide validation reports. We currently handle NX and CATIA data migration.

We have multiple end-to-end CAD migration experience in both the Automotive and Aerospace domains. We have handled complex migration scenarios from legacy PLM systems to Teamcenter. The migrations included item ID changes and Bill of Material changes. We are very well experienced with Part and Design merge scenarios. Our CAD migration solution features

  • Data Profiling to identify all data conditions

  • Data repair where needed and possible

  • Validation reports run at each stage of migration

  • Ability to handle Part and Design merge to an integrated BOM

  • Ability to handle Item ID and BOM Changes

Have a Dialogue With Your Data

We can help you to have a dialogue with your data

Every design and manufacturing organization has a rich history of the product data in their PLM systems and CAD models. We understand the intricacies of PLM and CAD data.

Product Data: There is knowledge in the PLM data, of the good and the bad of the design practices followed in the organization for multiple decades. If this knowledge (patterns of behavior causing the good and the bad) can be extracted and understood, it will pave the way to make positive changes in business processes and tools.

Process Data: PLM systems also are an immense data store of the Engineering processes. Analyzing this data will enable us to identify process bottlenecks, resource constraints and quality issues. The identification and quantification of the issue will in-turn help us in eliminating them.



  • NX Customization
  • Teamcenter Customization

NX Customization

Tools Development: We are experienced in developing high quality NX tools and extensions to customize and streamline design activities as per specific company process or customer requirements.

Extensions & Configuration: We are well versed with implementing NX extensions to guide and enforce process compliance for your design activities

Teamcenter Customization

ERP Integration: We have experience in implementing simple, practical integrations between PLM and ERP systems. The PLM data is transferred to the ERP system at Release time (or at any predefined life cycle status), with complete export records maintained in the PLM system. Customers also will have the ability to run a daily comparison of the transferred data from PLM to ERP systems.

Lean Design Tools: We have experience in developing various workflow metrics which will help in identifying bottlenecks in existing engineering design processes. In addition to reporting on the metrics, these tools can also forecast upcoming workload and flag if the workload is in excess compared to available resources. In short we will enable you to do 'Lean Design'.



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